Building Maintenance

Seamless Professional Building Maintenance Service by Experts

We at Davmar Building are specialised in managing high-rise residential as well as a commercial building. Our highly-experienced professionals deliver exceptional services for building maintenance. Whether you are looking for comprehensive asset management or caring and attentive services for the lifestyle of your residents, we have got all your needs covered. By hiring our seamless professional building maintenance service, you are choosing safety for your property.  

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Building maintenance

  • Full protection of assets: Our professionals provide strong management services to ensure that your asset is protected properly, and your money is saved through shared services and careful inspections. 
  • Minimises risks and enhances safety: Our company takes responsibility for all regulatory and building code agreement. This helps in ensuring that your property is safe for your use. 
  • Immediate Reporting: We monitor all service requests 24/7, through our building maintenance customer portal. 
  • Longevity: Our highly experienced professionals ensure to provide best and advanced building maintenance services. They help to create the next generation of building and facilities, which, in turn, ensures longevity.
  • We take extra care: We also go a mile extra for taking care of practical things by providing continuity, quality and proper hospitality. This makes your building a desirable place to live and work.
  • Satisfying Customer Care: We provide the best care for our valuable customers. Moreover, our team takes proper care of all the aspects of the facility without any faults. Our company provides excellent care and maintenance work for avoiding disruption and tightening the security of the building users. 

Our End To End Building Maintenance Service

We at Davmar Building provide the following services under building maintenance:

  • Electrical maintenance 
  • Painting
  • Floor covering
  • Tiling
  • Bricklaying and paving
  • Plumbing and gas
  • Ceilings and plastering
  • Roof plumbing
  • Concreting
  • Asbestos removal
  • Waterproofing of walls and ceilings

Get Seamless and High-Quality Maintenance services for your Property

If you are looking for a professional property maintenance services for your home or office, then we are your one-stop solution.

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